The Happiness Choice

What people are saying about my new book: The Happiness Choice

"When Marilyn Tam gives you a "Happiness Choice," be ready to benefit from her practical and wise instructions. Marilyn has always inspired me with her sparkling personality and positive outlook on life and with her desire to help others live more fully and joyously. I am looking forward to presenting this book to those I care about the most."

Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck
Queen Mother of the country Bhutan, where they measure the wellbeing of the country by the Gross National Happiness, GNH


"It is easy to be busy; it is much harder to be happy. This is especially true for today's professional woman who also wants to be a great wife, mother, daughter and friend. In 'The Happiness Choice', Marilyn Tam teaches us how to make conscious, wise choices that lead to greater happiness and fulfillment. It is the first step in taking control of your life."

Gail Goodman,
CEO and Chair of Constant Contact


"Marilyn is right! I came back from the depths of lack and despair and have arrived in a place in my life where I am happier and far more successful than I’ve ever been, living and doing what I love. Your decisions create your reality, your thoughts become things, and this book can be your ticket to change."

Mike Dooley,
NY Times bestselling author, speaker and creator of “Notes from the Universe"


"Yes, you can choose happiness! Marilyn had many reasons to be unhappy but instead she found lasting happiness, peace, love and success. In this inspiring and engaging book she shares her and other experts’ stories and insights on how you too can be happy. The heartfelt and uplifting stories will encourage you to find and follow your life purpose; happiness will be with you in every step. Choose this book for your happiness!"

Arielle Ford,
Bestselling author, Wabi Sabi Love and The Soulmate Secret


"God Bless Marilyn Tam. She reminds us that what determines our focus is not where we have been, but where we are going. She encourages us to find our purpose, live life with passion, and always be grateful. Do what you love, and love what you do. Marilyn feels that while we all strive to be significant in the world, it is connection, contribution, and growth that are the building blocks for being happy."

Michael Galitzer, MD
Medical Director, American Health Institute and anti-aging authority


"The Happiness Choice is a wake up call that life is not happening to you but rather for you. Marilyn offers powerful reminders that we don't always get to choose what life throws our way but we always get to choose how we will respond. A great beacon that shows we do get to write our own obituaries. What will yours say?"

Howard Schiffer
Founder and President Vitamin Angels


"For most people, life is what happens to them and happiness is usually not on the list. The Happiness Choice makes it clear that while life may happen to you, happiness results from what you think and do when life happens. The author share insights from others on the happiness journey and processes that will empower anyone who chooses to be happy to be so. I recommend it to everyone."

Harville Hendrix, Ph. D,
NY Times best selling author of Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples and Keeping the Love You Find: A Personal Guide


"Not only do I love the title of this book, I’m a big fan of author’s who speak from real-world experience. As I read the introduction, it became clear to me that Marilyn’s upbringing in Hong Kong made her not only resilient, but also someone who had experienced much adversity, but persisted on in spite of it."
"Consider this wonderful book not only an uplifting read, but also a blueprint to a better life. I also appreciated that Marilyn reveals and shares expert wisdom from other top leaders to help the reader strive towards greater balance, joy and overall happiness. In addition, there are many excellent quotes that help not just inspire, but help tie the message and theme of each chapter together with greater effectiveness."
"In her new book she reveals:"

  • "The Four Stages of Life and why it’s important to follow your life purpose"
  • "Ways to attract and cultivate positive relationships"
  • "How to improve how we use and view treat time and money"
  • "Effective strategies towards achieving better balance and harmony"
  • "How to handle stress, diet and exercise"
  • "Proven ways to use visualization and take better control of our daily thoughts"
"Here’s a great quote from page 20:"
“Bombarded by the relentless conditioning of what you are supposed to be, you packed your own dreams away, so hidden that you may have forgotten that you ever had them.

Tony Rubleski,
#1 Bestselling Author, Speaker and Consultant