The Happiness Choice

What people are saying about my speaking and consulting engagements


“I have heard from many of the participants who have said this was the best conference yet and they could really feel a different energy and excitement level. I attribute it to you who brought such great insight and a wealth of knowledge to the group. I can't thank you enough.”

Jackie O'Sullivan, Workforce Diversity Program Manager
IBM World Headquarters, Armonk, NY


“If you’re looking for an engaging, inspiring, and genuine keynote speaker, I cannot recommend Marilyn Tam more highly! Marilyn was our opening keynote at our 101st annual conference and set the tone that exceeded all expectations. Our members are career counselors across the lifespan and across the globe and require a balance between inspiration and information, and Marilyn delivered both beautifully. She was incredibly easy to work with. Our Twitter feed for the conference lit up during and well after her presentation. We try not to repeat presenters, but I already had many attendees ask me when we’d have her back. The sooner the better!”

Lisa Severy, PhD, President,
National Career Development Association


“Thank you for a very wonderful presentation to us! I was so impressed by your insightful speech and advice, plus your passion. We all learned lots from your presentation.”

Takekazu Kaneko, Executive Vice President,
Sumitomo 3M Limited Tokyo, Japan


“Thank you for sending along a copy of your keynote address. It is powerful, moving and inspirational. From our perspective we wouldn’t change a thing. “

Trish A. Douglas,
Accenture Global Human Capital Team


“Diversity is such a key issue currently at 3M. Thanks again for your inspiring and encouraging presentation. All our affinity groups received your presentation with great excitement.”

MaryJo Lewis & Lynnette T. Welsch,
Co-chairs 3M Women’s Advisory Committee 3M Corporation, St Paul, MN


“The conference attendees LOVED the program, the content: Fabulous, dynamic speaker. Really practical application. She was dynamic and flexible to cater to audience’s needs. She was fabulous, very inspirational & uplifting. A breath of fresh air - great content - personal plus professional value.”

Katharine Coles, Conference coordinator,
Women In Technology International Annual Conference
Santa Cruz, California


"Marilyn Tam is truly a super star...... Her presentation and her principles are what we believe in and how we need to operate and live to succeed. She expressed so powerfully and eloquently our mission and standards in a way that we can all understand and use to achieve our mission. Her experiences are indicative of her commitment to promoting and enhancing cross-cultural awareness and diversity throughout the world. Her achievements reflect great credit upon her, global leaders, and the United States of America…… My wife and I are going to have our children read her book to further inspire them to attain their dreams."

Commanding General, James Rogers,
U. S. Army Aviation and Missile Command,
Redstone Arsenal, Ala


“Thank you for being our Keynote Speaker at the event. You inspired and informed our audience. We value the diversity in our customer base and thank you for helping us reach them. I will certainly reach out to partner on further initiatives when we see opportunity.”

Fernando Molinar, Director Consumer Marketing,
Verizon Wireless


“You were just fantastic – great story and presentation. Such a perfect close to our SEER Symposium. I would not change a thing – the authentic real you is about as good as it gets. Keep doing what you do - we are all better for it. Thank you so much!”

Michael Crooke, PhD, Lead Faculty of the SEER (Socially, Environmentally, Ethically Responsible) Certificate Program,
Graziadio School of Business,
Pepperdine University, Santa Monica, California


“Thank you for your outstanding participation as moderator and plenary speaker for Minority Enterprise Development Week Conference. Your insight into the strategies, tactics and tools critical to building a successful business through deal making was particularly helpful. Thank you for your excellent contribution.”

Ronald Langston, National Director,
United States Department of Commerce,
Minority Business Development Agency, Washington DC


“I would like to thank you dearly for your participation in the Universal Forum of Cultures Barcelona. Your contribution to the dialogue THE ROLE OF BUSINESS IN THE 21st CENTURY was greatly appreciated. You were the best speaker from North America.”

Mireia Belil, Director of Dialogues,
Universal Forum of Cultures,
Barcelona, Spain


“You were amazing! You were so well received, our post event surveys all gave you a 5 – which was the highest score, and in fact we sold every book.”

Terri Neil, NWBOC,
National Women’s Business Owners Corporation


Thank you Marilyn. Among the many positive quotes we have received, we felt these three were representational from attendees of the Simmons School of Management Leadership Conference in Boston, MA:

"Marilyn Tam's structured view of mentoring provided an excellent roadmap for planning mentor-mentee relationships. Also, Marilyn's real-life experience about transitioning and transforming these relationships over time was so important."

"Marilyn Tam gave authoritative answers to challenging questions."

"If I had to pick one session that impacted me most, Marilyn Tam's session on diversity would win hands down. I found her real, very inspirational and, despite her achievements, quite humble."

Joyce Kolligian, Executive Director Simmons School of Management Leadership Conference, MA


"I had the privilege to have Dr. Marilyn Tam present a webinar based on "Use What You’ve Got to Get What You Want’. I felt it was extremely worthwhile for our group and was thoroughly impressed with how she successfully grounded on her business success into her personal values and internal compass. Dr. Tam engaged our participants to be mindful of the lessons presented and empowering them to put that knowledge into practice with confidence. I received several glowing reports from our participants, thanking us for making such a wonderful presentation available to them. I would highly recommend Dr. Tam’s books as well as her as a keynote speaker to anyone looking to further articulate their professional goals based on their values."

Mrim Boutla, PhD, GCDF co-founder, More than More than Money League


Your ability to take your current experiences in Asia and translate those into ethical dilemmas for the students was simply wonderful. You did a great job laying out the problems, presenting the significance of our globalized society and asking them to address the real issues. Additionally you present such a great role model of an ethically sensitive, ethically competent and successful business person, accomplishing so much against so many obstacles, that is particularly valuable to hear what you are thinking about.

Professor Laurie Harris,
Ethics, Enterprise & Leadership,
University of California at Santa Barbara