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What people are saying about my book: How to use what you've got to get what you want


Marilyn Tam is a true visionary. Her most profound accomplishments lie beyond the normal hallmarks of being a successful businesswoman, and can be found in her deep wisdom, remarkable clarity and generosity of spirit. “How To Use What You’ve Got to Get What You Want” is more than just a powerful guide for dreamers and doers--it is an infusion of inspiration and encouragement that will uplift any reader and make him or her grateful to have read this wonderful book.

Barbara De Angelis Ph.D., NY Times best selling Author,
TV personality, Motivational Speaker, Human Relations Expert


This book rings true! At Ben & Jerry's we’re able to combine three things --- innovative, high quality products, economic success, and social change. Marilyn Tam’s book fulfills on all three criteria. It’s a fabulous tool for anyone who is interested in finding and fulfilling their life purpose.

Marilyn’sremarkable business experience, common sense and humor distinguish her principles and blueprint from others on how to flourish in the world and in your personal life. I heartily recommend it.

Ben Cohen, Co-founder, Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc.


The wisdom of this book was obtained by true knowledge, which is gained through experience. Marilyn Tam has mastered the art of business by living it. This book will help anyone become an achiever if they follow Marilyn's brilliance. 

Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda Corporation


As Marilyn Tam makes eminently clear, what are you waiting for? When you have an opportunity to learn from a book written by a successful, minority businesswoman and humanitarian who had every excuse not to make it in corporate America, take it!

Marilyn’s credentials speak for themselves, but most important, her guidelines and stories will help you get started now on living the life that you were meant to live, with work you truly enjoy.

Mark S. Albion, Ph.D. author of the NYT Best Seller, Making a Life, Making a Living®.
Former Harvard Business School Professor, Fortune 500 consultant and successful entrepreneur


A very important contribution to the art of living a successful, happy, fulfilled life especially in the complicated, highly competitive world of business. I left marking slips on the sides of the pages to return to them.

Robert Muller, Nobel Peace Prize nominee
Assistant Secretary General of The United Nations for 30 years


Marilyn Tam is more than a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She has a mission to make this world a better place. Her message in this fabulous, accessible book is that each one of us has a mission and a gift to share. By starting from where we are, using what we already have, we can manifest our dreams. This book is a course in practical magic. Use it and let yourself fly.

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., author of numerous New York Times best sellers including Inner Peace for Busy People. Co-founder and former director of the Mind Body clinics at the Harvard teaching hospitals, Beth Israel/Deaconess Medical Center.


Well Done! Marilyn Tam’s book is a fascinating read and a priceless treasure trove of information, stories and tools to help you attain your dreams. To achieve true success, you need to know what you really want, you have to live your life mission. Marilyn Tam’s book, How to Use What You’ve Got to Get What you Want”, helps you identify your life purpose and then in a simple and engaging way, gives you the tools to achieving it. Her four powerful principles will guide you in accomplishing worldly success and inner peace. Keep this book handy, you’ll find it to be a great resource and a friend.

Jack Canfield, Best selling author & CEO 
Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises


A unique book that brings spirituality into materialism and shows us how the two can compliment each other. A must read for all potential and present

I found it equally useful in the non-profit arena; the insights and advice apply there also.

I highly recommend this book!

Arun Gandhi, renowned international peace leader, author, teacher and speaker
Founder, Executive Director and grandson of M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence


What do you get when you cross an altruistic nature with top-level responsibilities at Reebok, Nike, Aveda and Britannia? This book! Marilyn Tam brings elegant theories down to earth with devastatingly effective checklists for success. Some business books inspire and others guide, but few backup their visions with itemized formulas for specific accomplishments.

With insight, grace and wisdom, Marilyn Tam's book proves that enlightenment can have its commercial rewards.

Jim Mullen, founder and former CEO of Mullen Advertising,
former Vice Chairman of The Lowe Group, a division of The Interpublic Group of Companies, a $7.2 Billion global marketing communications and marketing services company.


I so enjoyed reading How to Use What You've Got to Get What You Want. The magic of this book begins in the first few pages and unfolds Marilyn's four guiding principles. At last a guide, written by someone who has actually been there, making it easy for anyone who wants to take the next leaps!”

Patty DeDominic, Founder & CEO, The PDQ Careers Group of Companies,
Board member and Vice Chair of the foundation SCORE, President Emeritus,
National Association of Women Business Owners, Past Chairman, LA Area Chamber of Commerce


Marilyn Tam is an extraordinary woman who possesses a unique sense of business leadership. The intuition and practical experience that Marilyn shares through How to Use What You've Got to Get What You Want is a testament to her innate ability to motivate and inspire others. This book is an excellent tool for anyone seeking to make a difference in their personal or professional lives. It provides easy to use strategies and practical guidelines which empowers the reader to look within and utilize their own potential. I highly recommend this book to anyone on their quest for fulfillment though their mission.

Pamela Chaloult 
Co-Executive Director, Social Venture Network


Marilyn Tam has revealed a precise and practical method of manifesting our heart's desire. With a refined clarity she has identified principles and practices that work in the world to fulfill our life's purpose. A brilliant work which I highly recommend.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, visionary futurist, author, social architect and spiritual pioneer
President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution


This is a book for the “can do” folks to fulfill all our dreams and potential! With commonsensical wisdom and no-nonsense clarity, Marilyn has given us a brilliant and simple guidebook to explore the human journey. Excellently done. Bravo!

Chungliang Al Huang, founder-president Living Tao Foundation, author of Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain


We certainly need books and speakers who do encourage people to believe in themselves, and the potential of their lives. This is more than that, for it instructs people how to accomplish their goals. This is extremely well done,

[Marilyn Tam] fills the book with interesting and perceptive observations, and reminds all of us of the basic approach we must make to the challenges we face. I am a true believer in what [she] says, and [she] says it very well.

I love the way [she] shares [her] personal experience. This is the most important part of inspiring others to believe in the possible.

David Winter Ph.D., Director of the American Council on Education’s Commission on Women in Higher Education,
Director of the Association of Presidents of Independent Colleges and Universities Chancellor, Westmont College, California


Take your passion and make it happen with this powerful book filled with the essential tools for your rapid success in any business or situation. I loved your work, every page filled with wisdom!

Barbara Gaughen, author 
President, Gaughen Global Promotions


I was captivated by your book. There are so many useful ideas, I keep thinking of all the people I know who would benefit from and enjoy your book. It is extremely well written. I loved it; I wouldn’t say this to a fellow writer if I didn’t honestly mean it. Congratulations, well done.

Charles McPhee, “The Dream Doctor,” author and radio personality
Resident dream expert on, Oxygen and national radio personality on Cox radio


A must read! Brilliant, inspiring insight for leaders! Companies have paid millions for this kind of coaching and now it's available to everyone. These ideas will ripple throughout business for the next decade. Be the first to

Kate Ludeman, Ph.D. President, Worth Ethic Corporation,
and author of The Corporate Mystic (co-author with Gay Hendricks)


I have been reading your fascinating book, and find many synergies between our philosophies and personal experiences. Growing up bi-racial (Moroccan Dad) in the projects in Switzerland, I made sense of the ambivalent reality that surrounded me by using principles similar to your TRUTH and SWORD quite a bit. I went on to be the first in my family to graduate from high school, paid my way through college in Belgium, and received a full ride to complete my PhD in Brain Sciences in the US. I am now dedicated to helping others listen to their inner voice, and build careers that are financially and personally rewarding.

Dr. Mrim Boutla


I'm so excited to create something brilliant, after reading your book "How to use what you've got to get what you want". BIG THANKS for you, I get my confidence from your advice and your experience. 
My name Ike, from Indonesia. Hope can share many things about LIFE and CAREER, with you."

Ike Yulandri 


I read your book and really gave a thought about who I am and how best to use it. I kind of made it a practice that whenever I feel I need to make a transition, I go back to the book .. such wonderful inspiration and motivational. Thank you. 
With best regards,

Srinivas Cheemalapat
Cloud Infrastructure, IBM


I want to deeply thank you for your book. The book was inspirational and well set out and the key word in the brackets throughout the book was a novel way of marking the underlying message. I didn't have to read "in between the lines".
Something particularly compelling to me was your personal story, as there are so many things I could relate to. I grew up in Vietnam in a broken and poor family, sorting trash off the street supporting myself. I was very fortunate to get the education to be where I am today. I still feel the struggle now as a woman in the business world that seems so much more biased for man.
So I want you to know that I appreciate your book as it does help me.
Thank you very much Marilyn

Giang Biscan, PhD 
Los Angeles CA


Your book is remarkable. It is simply an outstanding "how to" book for life. I have lived my life with clarity of purpose and I have also focused on truth, partnership, learning from mistakes, and dying by my own sword, but, by providing this roadmap, you have made it easier to do for all of us. I am still learning, or, better yet, I am always learning, and it is very encouraging to find literature that captures and expresses the keys to life so succinctly and clearly. I will share your book with family, friends, and anyone that is truly interested in self-improvement. Thank you for sharing your life's lessons in this book.

Philip Malcolm 
VP of Marketing, SAM'S CLUB


I was very much inspired by your principles for leading corporate environments and I so enjoyed reading your book. Thank you

Amy Valencia 
California Apparel News


Well, after reading your book I have an even greater appreciation for you. I am quite taken with your intelligence, insight, and ability to clearly see so many situations and environments, while providing amazing insight. Obviously, many people have offered you kudos on this book before, however, I will still add my name to the long list.

Mark Hinds 
Founder & CEO, HealthWalk


I wanted to thank you for your book and want you to know that I truly enjoyed reading it. Very insightful and inspiring. One chapter that will always stand out for me is the "Dash". I never looked at it that way before, it makes you really motivated to pursue your journey wherever it leads and to do it now. It hits home and pushes you to go for it. Great read. Thank you again.

Daisy Gallagher
Founder & CEO Gallagher and Gallagher


I think you are receiving thousands of letters and e-mails from people who have read your book. I am one of many who completely agree with your statement that everything we need is inside of us, waiting for us to discover it and make it work. I went through poverty, big losses and hopeless situations in a corrupted world of an economically disadvantaged small Eastern European country.

I was a poor, almost homeless chemist, a single mother, having just desire to learn, work and be useful, but actually with "no right" to succeed. However, I've got my Ph.D. degree in chemistry in 2002 and one year after that I started my postdoctoral fellowship in the U.S.A. On this journey from extreme poverty to financial stability and success I had two "moving forces" - desire to make a difference, and trust in me of a few dear to my heart people. 
I believe that your principles work not only in the world of big corporations and in the environment of big possibilities. Your principles are universal and they would definitely work for creative people from poor countries with unstable economy, such as some former Soviet Union countries.

I believe that your book could help them develop character necessary to achieve their highest potential and make their lives better and more productive. And thank you for your book.

Irina Stepanov, Ph.D. 
The Cancer Center, University of Minnesota


I enjoy reading your book and is obsessed by it - full of meat, no water, very inspiring and a wonderful guiding light. You are my role model in getting the most out of your time, for adventuring and for doing good to the world.

Bangkok, Thailand


I just finished reading your book and loved it!! I just happened to stumble across it while looking in the Business section at my local bookstore. While reading this, I also tried to alleviate my dilemma of not being able to organize the ideas of my own paths to success (or rather being afraid to or feeling I needed someone else’s help) 
At 14, Doctors diagnosed me with a brainstem tumor, slapped me with the regular statistics, and figured I would die within 2 years. Fortunately, I had the invincibility of a teenager and, 20 years later, the tumor is gone completely. What I am trying to say is that your book enabled me to revisit that invincibility and carry along with it your Four Principles. Your Four Principles helps to pour a batter of success into a void. 
I want to thank you very much for sharing your experiences. I am quite grateful!

Peace & Smiles, 
Rebecca Koos


I'm inspired by your story and wisdom. Thanks for sharing. I am better for it already. Thanks again for your inspiring book. I am learning from your partnering lessons.

Wayne Marshall


I have just bought Marilyn Tam's book, which I began to read earlier today, with great excitement. I am thoroughly enjoying reading - up to about page 50 at the moment - and know that I will go back and reread the parts that most speak to my current situation. I do value the gentle advice. God bless you in your travels to various speaking engagements, etc and in all that you do as well.

Holly Boydell ,


I just finished reading your book. I found your perception of particular stumbling blocks that business associates have encountered as they attempt to move forward with projects has been mine as well. I can envision how your book would have general appeal, since as I read it I could picture particular patients of mine who, though not in big business, describe similar experiences that you illustrate. Your solutions are very practical. In fact, I have had the opportunity to encourage a few of my patients to use some of your techniques to help them become unstuck as they grapple with an issue.

Rich T, M.D.


I found that reading the book with the idea of helping others has really been powerful for me in assessing new opportunities. Your book offers some good tools and is timely for me as I make assessments about future possibilities. It is such a timely read for this particular point in my life. And no doubt relevant for anyone at any point who is open to declaring a mission and setting goals for living a good life.

Susan Williamson, Au.D. 
Staff Audiologist 
Academy of Dispensing Audiologists


I must tell you I really enjoyed your book. It brought me back to some important basic concepts.

Mike Mendez 
Chairman, SCORE Association, affiliate of US Small Business Administration


Thanks for your book. I am already thoroughly enjoying it and finding it helpful (even though I have only made it to chapter two…much of your wisdom has already been revealed…I can’t wait to see what other truths are revealed as I continue). I especially like the four principles (Truth, Partner, Mistakes and Sword).

In Peace, 
Phil Wetzel 
Executive Director PAX 2100


Marilyn, thank you very much for your wonderful book. I'd have written sooner but I've been too busy reading it.

Jim Lewis


I always think of your words of encouragement in your book and every time I feel like I can't go forward or don't think I can do something. Thank you for inspiring me and so many people - I am using What I have to Get What I Want!!!

Brenda Skeen 
Indianapolis, Indiana


Marilyn I wanted to let you know how very, very much I enjoyed your book. Already I have recommended it to several friends. I will continue to use it as a tool to help both myself and others to live with the quality of understanding you share. Congratulations, continue on your path of goodness and service.

Eddie Hanania (the poet)


I read your book. What an incredible story you have lived. I was an R.N. by profession and never had to deal with the business world. I have watched my husband who always stayed focused and dared to risk all for what he thought right. I always supported him, and things happened and flourished. I think your advice is right on target. Again, I loved your book. You inspire others which is a great accomplishment.

Cleo Cafesjian


I read your book and I just want you to know that it has, and will continue to make a huge difference in my life as I am aiming to reach the high caliber and status in the business world that you have achieved. Again thank you for writing such an amazing and thought-provoking and personal book.

Washington DC


Although I am supposed to be working, your book looks great. I thought I'd just glance through it for now, but find I have to tear myself away from it. Good music, good book, what else do I need.

Anne-Marie Dekker, Editorial Director 
Scarlett magazine


I had a chance to read your book (Japanese version) and I am very impressed. You have incredible energy and determination. Your message is very clear, simple and persuasive.

Michiko Achilles, Human Resources, Strategy, Development & Operations 
Sumitomo 3M Limited, Japan


I have received your book yesterday. I glanced through a few pages at first, and I found myself kept reading on. Now I want to use what I've got to get what I want.

Steve Ho


I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your book How to Use What You’ve Got to Get What you Want. We’ve been reading through it slowly and carefully, and are enjoying each and every chapter. It’s very sincere, and is also inspiring and motivating.

Liz R. 
Agency for International Development, Washington, DC


Thank GOD for Marilyn Tam. God must love us very much to give her to us. We are not worthy of this great woman, but we have her despite ourselves. Keep telling the world of his loving kindness.

Cleo C


Dear Marilyn,

I have started reading your book and I love it! I am working on incorporating those four principles into my life, so that I can then get the girls to incorporate it into their lives :-)

Amelia, Executive Assistant Imani Phi Christ Sorority Inc., Helping Teenage Girls Maximize Their Potential


Dear Marilyn,

It is Sunday night and I just finished reading your book. I brought it with me when I traveled to Binghamton, NY to watch my daughter compete in the NY State intercollegiate rowing championships-- I couldn't stop reading.......

I heard your voice and the powerful questions you asked and combined with your story and wisdom. I returned to my desk to read the mission that I had written for myself several years ago: Reading your book this weekend placed that gentle and firm hand on my back urging me forward..........we all need that from time to time and apparently this was a time for me. Thank you. I hope to get to know you beyond the words..........

With admiration, respect and affection,

Karen Khan, Ed.D. PCC


Dear Ms. Tam:

I turned 40 today, and your article, “The Dash” and your book with the Truth/Partner/Mistakes/Sword framework are all the more important as I reflect on where I am, and feel the pressure to realize whether I measure up to the potential I give myself, whether spiritually, professionally, or with relationships. In the past months, I have felt the fear and anxiety in my ‘alone’ moments, and was able to see through it based on my conditioning, part military discipline – what’s left of that, and the easy-going, see the best in things part of me.

Your words may not have sunk in before, but they appear important today because I am probably going to be at a crossroads soon and my excitement and dread of wondering what’s next for me leave me searching for meaning and answers. It helps to relate to a resource that you have become, and particularly because I had the opportunity to listen to you in person.

When I read the article about “the dash”, it stirred many things in me. First, I am a little guilty that as I am not married, have kids, or a relationship, and spend most of my time doing one thing or another with the newspaper, I feel a little selfish these days, thinking more about myself than others. When I was younger, I used to put everyone else before me (making me well-liked, but somewhat of an aimless pushover as well).

When I think of how I would want to be remembered, it is not a selfish person, but not a manipulated person either. There is a medium ground, but it is tough to find it.

Thanks again for helping me though a confusing time.


Tom LaVenture,
Asian American Press


I've been loving Marilyn's book....tell her it rocks. REALLY accessible, and usable for people who aren't screwing around.

Gary Malkin
7 time Grammy award winning composer, producer
Media for a Meaningful Life


Hi Marilyn,

I just wanted to write a quick note to say that while I am still behind in my reading I did get a chance to read your book and think it is really just lovely. All the wonderful things that I believe in - thanks again.


Jacob Glass, Course of Miracles Minister


Hi Marilyn!

I personally resonate so much with your message and being that I work to inspire teen girls, I truly want to thank you for the example you are setting!

Tami Walsh, MA
President, Teen Wisdom, Inc.



I read your book on the plane to Vegas. I thought it was brilliant and full of valuable info, ideas and stories. Well done. You have led a fascinating life.

Jack Canfield 
Best selling author & CEO,
Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises


Dear Marilyn,

I write to thank you for the gift of your book. As I read I find a correlation between what you write and my own personal faith. I very easily harmonize the true and reliable guidance you offer and my faith in which there is a blend of all that is truly human and the true view and interests of faith.

My faith asks me to enter into my true self and all reality, to believe in myself, develop all my talents etc. This higher Spirit or God is concerned with and at work in all that is human. There is an ideological distinction to be made between the human and the transcendental but in practice they are one. God deserves the perfection of all that is. God gets things done only through us…. Too often people have come to view religion’s concerns as other worldly. God expects us to be successful in human achievement and to be do what we can for others…. Thank you.

Many blessings, Fr. Virgil Cordano, OFM


Dear Marilyn; I was very pleased and honored to have your book. 
I have just finished reading it and found it very enlightening and enjoyable. It was wonderful to get to know you a little better through your experiences and adventures. You have provided me with some excellent tools for looking within myself and questioning what my Spirit journey should be. Your experiences and what you learned from each of them is helping me to realize that I need to look more closely at the decisions I make about my life's journey. One of your messages about "learning on the run" was a very valuable statement for me. I have always been a little hesitant to "jump in" without having all of the information at my fingertips. I need to get grounded in my mission, trust the Spirit, and move out.
Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful gift with me.

Blessings to you.

Joe Wheatley
Corporate and non-profit leadership and organizational consultant
Santa Barbara, CA


Marilyn -

Thank you so much for your book. I read it over the past few days and really enjoyed it. I am particularly a big believer in TRUTH in business so I was glad to see how often it actually came into play.

Leslie G.


Since meeting Marilyn (and reading her book) my business and personal lives have become much easier and much more pleasurable. Because there is an over-riding vision, hard decisions are a snap (apply the four principles, make sure the decision is in alignment with my over-riding vision) and, therefore, results are constantly in the pipeline and in line with my plan. 

Trust me, Ms. Tam has many more successful fans than me.

Natalie Pace, founder,
A leading Women’s Investment Network


Dear Marilyn,

I'm taking this last weekend to review the blessings that came to me in '03. My interview with you immediately came to mind. Talking with a Renaissance Soul who has been as outstandingly successful as you have reaffirmed for me in a deep way that it is possible to do many different things without suffering financially. Your principles (from your book) have inspired so many others I’ve talked with.

Thank you!

Margaret Lobenstine 
Resident human resource expert on STAPLES Business Web Site


Dear Marilyn:

I just finished your book. It is a masterpiece! Profoundly moving in its simplicity.

I felt inextricably close to you for some reason. What an indomitable spirit you are - putting so much effort into contributing to the planet - which impresses me so deeply. A global peace warrior!

You bring spirituality into everyday living with the four principles you live by. I am grateful for you Marilyn.....A powerful magnificent presence in this world!

Lili Fournier
Women of Wisdom and Power


Reading the preview of Marilyn Tam's book "How to Use What You've Got to Get What You Want" has inspired me to read the book. During the formative years of my sales career, I found myself disillusioned with selling and the methods that were used to train our salespeople. Since that time I have come to realize that selling, like many other careers, has to be a natural extension of your abilities and interests. The four principles expounded in Marilyn's book are the basic principles that I have always supported in selling.

Posted by a reader in the reading Forum


Dear Marilyn,

Thank you for your 1st book, “How to Use What You’ve Got to get What You Want”. I thank you for it - it was an easy read and inspirational! We wish you great success with this endeavor and know you have touched many with your “gems of wisdom”.

Take care,

Lisa & Angel


How to Use What You’ve Got to Get What You Want is affirming and inspiring. I especially appreciate your thoughts on how being centered in our daily lives helps us to maintain focus. Thanks so much for creating your book Marilyn!

Theresa Fogle,
Communication by Design


Hi Marilyn,

I really enjoyed your book and with all the practical experiences in your life. You are really amazing. Your book is excellent to apply to anyone in their lives, no matter what stages they are in. I am thinking about my stepchildren, they are young adults and lost in their stages right now, or people who have certain life experiences, but come to their crossroads currently for something they are longing for. It really motivates us and empowers us to take our chances and the risks!!

Warm regards,

Shirley Fan 
Executive Director 
Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence 
Boston MA


Dear Marilyn,

It was an honor and most inspiring to meet you at your book signing in June In Santa Barbara Borders; reading your book was completely satisfying as a follow-up to hearing your talk that evening. I especially appreciate the commitment to pace, both personal and global, which comes through consistently in your message.
As I mentioned while you were signing my copy of your book, I make Yoga Action Figures. I am working to create a great collection of these, each depicting, instructively and beautifully, a yoga asana. There are 11 so far in production in pewter and I plan to have a total of 50 asanas to choose from by the end of the year. Further, these pewter sculptures, being approximately the same scale as “little green army men”, are meant to symbolize alternatives to war and, by the way, petroleum-based plastics.
I hope you like the Yoga Action Figure TM I have sent. Hope it helps you defeat war.


Hi Marilyn,

“I read your book and it gave me new ways to see my business. From starting my business twenty years ago I never took big risks. Now I’ve launched a new division which I have been wanting to but have been too afraid to do so till now. We’ve researched and prepared for the contingencies, our company is excited about the possibilities. Thank you for your book, I recommend it to all businesses and people who have ever worried and wondered about how to thrive and expand their businesses and lives.”

Patty L. DeDominic
Chief Executive Officer
The PDQ Careers Group of Companies, CT Engineering
Staffing Partners to America's Finest Employers
Los Angeles, California


Aloha Marilyn

I read your book. It is great! It actually inspired me to take a new direction with my mother’s estate dispute. I thought a lot about fighting for what you believe. As I was pondering that I woke in the middle of the night with a vision of myself walking into a river. 
When I got to the center I felt the current and I heard "let go this is the river of your life". I was floating down stream - the river was wide, deep and slow. I was looking at what was passing on the shore with interest and curiosity but not engaged. Then I heard, "this is how to live your life. This river is taking you to the vastness of your being".

Then I applied what I was pondering from your inspiration of standing for what you believe and I heard, “resist nothing, go with the flow of your life. You want to resolve this issue. They are flowing towards mediation. Do not resist that. Go with the direction that is showing to resolve it once and for all."

So when I woke up the next day I knew it was time to do the mediation. Then I received an offer from them that if I came up with $51,430. They would let me have my share free and clear. There was a small catch - I had to get the money by Dec. 17th. Today, the banker who gave me my first loan to buy my place in Abiquiu has agreed to help me achieve that deadline. What glory.

So your book has already had profound affect in the world. Congratulations.



I do want to thank you for your book. You did a great job. I read it the week before I gave speech at a Women's Summit at Bryant College. The way you were able to add personal experience and antidotes to drive home the key values was great. I found myself emulating you by going off on little stories of experience as I spoke and the audience really became engaged. The topic by the way was, How to Turn a Great Idea Into a Fundable Business. Obviously passion, mission, strategy, truth etc. are key ingredients for an entrepreneur and the confidence to believe you ,as a female, can succeed crucial. So thanks so much for energizing me.

I have always and will continue to admire how you can be the whole deal. Your intellect is obvious but your inner strength, spirituality and ability to lead people to a higher place is both amazing and enviable.

Stay Well,

Nancy Babine Kucinski 
President and Chief Executive Officer 
Fetco Home Decor 
Boston MA


Dear Ms. Tam,
I work at the Center for Women and Enterprise; our mission is to help women achieve economic self-sufficiency and prosperity through entrepreneurship. We work with a lot of low-income and marginalized women (and some men!),

A domestic violence worker for many years, I have read many powerful books and heard many speakers. And you were extremely powerful. I was particularly moved because you tell the truth all the time and you spoke your truth! I, too, grew up in a home that wasn't always the safest or most nurturing environment. For many years, I thought that my only worth was in what I could do for my parents and for my race--how I could impress others on their behalf, how pretty I could be, how smart I could be, how much housework I could do, etc. Like you, the love of my other relatives changed my life and my path in this world. My grandmother taught me that I had value simply because I was; she told me that I was a child of God with a place in this world that no one else could claim. My grandmother's love helped heal the wounded places inside of me. Her love made it possible for me to graduate high school, to attend and graduate from Harvard, and to work to end violence in the lives of women and children across Massachusetts.

There is so much truth in what you said. Telling the truth all the time is so powerful. Having the willingness to tell the truth about my experiences made an effective advocate for battered women and children for 12 years and now assists me as I help women learn how to start and grow their own successful businesses.

Thanks again for being such a wonderful role model and an example of the power of telling the truth.

Antoinette Riley, Interim Client Services Manager, Center for Women & Enterprise, Boston, MA


Your words truly encouraged me to keep moving forward towards achieving my goals and dreams! I too wish to inspire, encourage and motivate others by sharing the good news (my faith) along with my personal experiences. I plan to keep rereading your book to help me keep me on track – thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Your book is inspirational and a powerful tool to help people keep their eyes on the goal – their true purpose. Your own journey has inspired me – thank you! Best wishes and much joy and peace to you too! I just ordered your new book and look forward to reading it. Take care!

Georgette Beck


Hola Marilyn!. Estoy leyendo tu libro "Cómo utilizar lo que tienes para conseguir lo que quieres" traducido al español y estoy encantada. Quería saludarte y agradecerte tu trabajo, que está siendo para mí de gran ayuda. Un fuerte abrazo.
Hi Marilyn! I am reading your book "How to Use What You Have to Get What You Want" translated into Spanish and I am delighted. Wanted to say hello and thank you for your work, being a great help to me. A big hug!

Anabel Ferrer Mascarell


We are using your book as a guideline to create our business plan (Daycare services + Arts + Languages). Your books are not only brilliantly written, they are useful! You don’t repeat yourself over and over as most of the authors out there trying to write about business.

Eduardo V