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Move toward your mission

As I was signing books at the Walden Books CNN Center in Atlanta, another author, Dale Haddon came into the store with CNN radio host, Pat St. Claire. After we chatted for a moment, Dale decided to buy the book on the spot and Pat asked me to stop by after the signing for an impromptu interview for CNN Radio. When you are following your passion and working toward your mission, success will find you!



A gentleman who was studying the cultural differences between the United States and China came to my signing at the Walden Books in Portland. After listening to the book discussion, he felt the message of How to Use What You’ve Got to Get What You Want would be the perfect inspiration to find success for two of his friends in China. The cost of shipping the books to them was a factor and he carefully considered whether he could afford two copies. After contemplating for a minute, he decided to buy the two books because he knew that they would be so needed and appreciated. He left the store beaming and thanking me for helping him and his friends, he said he was going to read the book first before he sent it to them.


Trust in something bigger than yourself

A father came to the talk at the Borders in the Puente Hill Malls in California with his two daughters, ages 11 and 12. They listened intently to the discussion and at the end the 12 year old girl asked me to repeat the meaning of my Chinese name because it sounded similar to hers. She was excited with the similarity in our names, she, too, was destined for something great! Both girls related to my story of my discovery of my life mission when I was 11. I watched as they huddled together, drawn into a quiet dialogue about their own experiences. They asked me to dedicate the book to their whole family so that everyone could benefit from its message.


Ideas are good but execution is everything

At the Borders in downtown Seattle a gentleman listened to my talk and then asked if the principles in the book worked when other people act unethically. We discussed how one person can make a difference. He turned and spoke to the gentleman sitting next to him, his boss, and they both decided to implement the principles in their business. Their company was expanding into Europe, so they bought two books, one for each continent!


get what you want by using your resources

In the Barnes & Noble in Woodinville, Seattle a middle-aged woman listened attentively to my talk with reddening eyes. Later she confided that she was worried about downsizing at her company, was unhappy at work, and having difficulty motivating herself to get there on time. She was in fact so worried, that she didn’t feel she could afford the book, even though she wanted to learn more about how to find her mission and how to use the tools. However, without knowing it, she began applying the principles in the book before leaving. She realized her daughter would also benefit from the book and decided to ask her to buy it as a Mother’s Day gift, for them to read and experience together.


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